Physical and Occupational Therapy

A clinically proven method to reduce pain using electrical stimulus 

Acupuncture Ball

Ankle Brace for Comfort and Stability!

Anodyne Therapy for Pain Relief 

Balance Training 1 

Balance Training 2

Can Opener for limited hand strength

Complex Muscle Stimulator Unit 

Facial Exercises 

Foot Drop Splint Types 

Footwear allows for a more natural foot strike 

Hand Therapy exercises 

Home Exercise Routine 

Jar Opener for limited hand strength

Kinesio Tape 

OT Hand Strength 1 

OT Hand Strength 2 

Perceived Exertion Scale - A simple way to determine exercise intensity 

PT Home Exercises 1 

PT Home Exercises 2 

Reflexology Charts - check them out! 

Sequential compression device for peripheral neuropathy 

Smartphones for the Hands and Apps for the Memory 

Snow and Ice Treads - Just Add to Shoes for Grip 

Stretch-Out Strap 

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